Why Math and I are not friends

I am a very abstract person. I like being that way. I love imagining something when I read and growing with it. Going with it. Adding to it.

Math is a very concrete area. There is only one acceptable answer. If you don’t come up with that one acceptable answer, then you are wrong. I don’t LIKE being wrong. I enjoy poetic licence (to a point). I thrive on the imaginary and the fluidity of not knowing what is coming next. The waves always come, but you never know when. Concrete is always there. You can always see it (although I WILL trip on it).

I live my life that way, I parent my kids that way. It isn’t always a good thing, but it is what works for me.

Concrete hurts. Math is beyond painful. Reading and writing are complex. Indefinite.

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No school for a week

The regular schools are on a much needed Winter Break next week. Well, the KIDS need the break, but I am SOOOO not looking forward to it. I like spending the time with Camryn, but the day before school starts back is always HELL.

I get a break from class as well. I have a few subjects that need a quick overview (Algebra, Geometry). I’m glad I have a week of vacation to do it in.

We are going to Vermont this weekend to get a little break. When we come home we will be leaving Camryn there for the week to stay at his old daycare’s house and play with his old friends. I am just excited to get away from home and not have to worry about anything. Shhhh…Don’t tell my mom. We are surprising her! She hasn’t seen the kids since New Year’s Day.

I have 2 essays I need to work on. The topics are: What makes someone an ideal parent? and What is your most memorable day? I actually started crying when I read the second topic. It may not be a happy memorable day, but it is the one that I think of all day everyday. I could write a book on it, but I will refrain.

Off to watch the boys. I am babysitting my nephew today because my BIL (younger sister’s husband) is having his first ever surgery and he can be quite the handful at times.

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Took the “Practice, Practice Test” today

I had my last class for 3 weeks this afternoon. After the results of last week’s pre vacation test, the teacher decided to see if I was ready for the Pretest (the one they do in the back of the GED book). It had all subjects in it and was a wee bit harder than I had anticipated.

First was Language/Writing. She said I could skip over the Essay part until next class so I did just that. I did well on that part (unofficially, by my own calculations). I know how to form a sentence and where commas and punctuation go. The poetry part was kinda iffy, though. I’m not up on old English speak anymore.

Next was Social Studies. Common sense got me through that easily enough. I’m pretty decent at History, as well, so I blew through that.

Then came Science (easy peasy) and some more Language Arts. I could have done those in my sleep.

Now I am on the Math section. It was not Multiple Choice (like the official test is) so I was so far beyond confused. UGH. I don’t think I did half bad (I even got a few Algebra questions right! WOOT!), but it was HARD as hell!

I will know in 3 weeks how well I actually did. Until then, I will just study the more advanced math some more and work on my essay that needs to be submitted to the director.

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I have been busy, busy. I have neglected my words and my friends this week. I, again, apologize.

Last week I had to miss class on Tuesday because my dipwad of a sister made an appointment for her son at the EXACT time I had to be sitting in class. Shawn wasn’t able to be home, either, so I was kinda up a creek. Oh well. I will and did survive even with Holdyn home from school that day also.

Snow. I LOVE the snow, but (insert barfing emoticon here). I am DONE. FINISHED. No more please. I am about to package some up and send it to my AWESOME friends in Florida. Love you guys! We have/had 6-8 foot snow piles all throughout our backyard, front yard, porch and driveway. I don’t think we could handle much more until some of it melts.

Hopefully Puxnutony Phil wasn’t lying through his bucked teeth when he said Spring was on its way.

OK. now that the weather rant is over, I will get back to school. In class on Thursday I got to class and got to work on my fractions once again. I mastered addition (like and unlike), subtraction (also like and unlike), and simple multiplication of fractions. I took a test to see where I stood in the math department before our 3 weeks break (starts on Thursday) and come to find out, I am ready to take the test.

My math skills went from non-existent to over an 11th grade level just by mastering fractions. I still suck at Algebra and Geometry (according to the TABE test I took), but just by relearning fractions I am all good!

Needless to say, we are now rushing through all the other required formalities to take my test in April. Due to class being closed for 3 weeks, it is going to be a rush to get in all the stuff I need to finish up before I take the test (WorkKey stuff, etc…).

I have class tomorrow. My last class for 3 weeks. I plan on studying NON STOP until I get back to class, so I don’t forget any of my newfound knowledge.

Wish me luck! Now time to go play Zumba for Kinect. That is kicking my ass worse than those damned fractions!

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“Why are you in 1st grade?”

Ahhh, the wisdom of 6 year olds amazes me. Camryn asked me this when he got off the bus this afternoon and I was in the kitchen cooking dinner. I had a schoolbook opened to fractions (UGH!).

“Mommy is going back to school to get more education and become smart again.”

“Oh. Why didn’t you get smart when you were in school before?”

HA! Smartass kid. “I did get smart, but I forgot some of the stuff I learned. I need to learn more math to be extra smart, honey.”

“I can teach you math. I LOOOOVE math (said in a long drawn out tone). I am really good at math.” He isn’t lying. He probably COULD teach me a few things in that department. Crap, he might even be my tutor when I get into Algebra in a few weeks. I’ll have to see if he is free.

We then started talking about how after regular school, some people go to college and that is what I was trying to achieve with going to class.

The turd says “Good luck with that!”


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I’m not as dumb at math as I once thought…

I have always believed myself to be arithmetic stupid. I have to count on my fingers (toes, any object available) to get an answer. I have mastered estimation. That is what I usually end up doing when I am at the grocery store, just to avoid actually doing math.

I found out today in class that I am not as dumb as I once thought! I CAN do math (not well, but it is doable).

Fractions are my arch nemesis yet a BFF to me in the kitchen. It is funny how stuff like that works. I get all jumbled and sweaty when I see them on paper, but if you give me a measuring cup/spoon and tell me to measure out 3 times the recipe, I am a master. I kick that recipes ass. NOW, if you put it on paper, I will run screaming, making one think I was being chased by a serial killer.

Today I found out that I CAN beat that foe of mine. I put that fear 6 feet under. I can now (efficiently) add and subtract AND change fractions into simplified terms without wanting to gauge my eyeballs out. I think my brain cells are slowly growing out of their allergy to a number.

Ask me again after I pass the official test, and I will probably revert back to cowering at the sight of 2 numbers with a line in between them.

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How on earth?

My first homework assignment goes unfinished. Whoops! I think I should probably do that since class starts in, hmmmm, about 2.5 hours.

It is something completely simple. Something I can do in my sleep and I have done MANY times in the past. A business letter. We have to write a stupid business letter to Governor Cuomo about the importance of Adult Education programs in NY. I GUESS he is trying to cut funding, which IS a bad thing for all persons involved (either directly or indirectly), but I really don’t want to write a letter to him.

I suppose I should go do it. Just to say I did.

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