Who did I piss off?

OK. My younger sister was supposed to watch my kids for my 2 test days. Thanks to her stupid manager and some whacked out luck (HA!) I had to find alternative childcare for the boys. I only needed help for Tuesday.

I tried calling hourly care 5 DAYS in advance to set up for the 2 little ones and, OF COURSE, they had times for one and not the other. UGH!

I asked a new friend of mine whose husband is in the same unit as my husband and SHE SAID YES! WOOT! Tuesday was covered and nothing else was to go wrong. That is the most ironic thing I have said. What a hoot I am. Something ALWAYS goes wrong. That is how things roll with me. I should NEVER be so freaking optimistic.

On MONDAY my sister tells me that her boss now needs her to work on WEDNESDAY as well. WTF! I did NOT have cildcare for Wednesday until 8pm last night. We are covered.

Yesterday morning I am putting Holdyn in his seat and notice my van door wouldn’t open. MY BATTERY WAS DEAD! I had to blow $40 to get them dropped off and to the test. NOT HAPPY.

What education god did I piss off in a past life? I don’t know, but I do know that nothing has gone wrong YET this morning.

I am heading out in about 10 minutes to get to my test. Wish me luck that I don’t get into an accident or something on the way. That would be the icing and I don’t like icing.

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