*Sniff* I am so proud!

The last 2 classes (last Thursday and today) I have been working on the Official Practice Test that is required before I can take the Official Test in April. I got to choose in what order I wanted to test in (I THINK I can do that on the official tests also, but I don’t know).

Today I started off with the Social Studies. I am a History buff, so I knew I would do really well on this one. Out of 23 questions, I missed only 1. My score was 690 or 700. I can’t recall right this minute and I didn’t write it down.

Thursday I took the Reading Comprehension and Science portions. Each one had 25 and 23 questions, respectively. I completely aced the RC section, so my score was 800. I only missed 2 on the Science portion so my score was 590.

I also took the Math section just to get it over with and see what I had to brush up on more before the big day. I wanted a little longer to get it all figured out. After taking the test she scored it. I missed 6 questions out of 25. That is almost perfection for me! My score on that was 600! I was shocked, to say the least!

How the official test is graded is weird. You have to get at LEAST 410 on each section, but an OVERALL score of at least 2250. SO, you need to score higher on certain areas to get the overall score up to the 2250.

With the practice scores, the teacher thinks I am going to nail the GED test. I can’t wait to find out!

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