“My most memorable day”

I had to write an essay today for the practice test. I had 45 minutes to draft and write it. It took me all of 20 minutes.

The topic was “What is your most memorable day and the events explaining why”.

Anyone who has known me longer than 5 minutes knows what my most memorable day is. Even though it is a somewhat touchy subject for me, I decided to give it my all and tell Logan’s story of his last day. My pen didn’t stop until I was done. I then let out a little tiny cry (I didn’t want to show my hurt and sadness in a room full of strangers) and got on with my dreaded math section of the test.

After I was done with everything, I brought the test (essay included) up to the teacher and went on working on math exercises.

About 30 minutes before class ended, she came up to me and said “This was one of the best essays I have ever read in my classes. If this was your official essay, I would grade it a 4. Thanks for sharing Logan’s story”. That made me feel so good.

I bombed the Geometry and Algebra sections of the math part (sooooo happy this was only a pre-test and not an official test!), BUT, thanks to my girls on FaceBook/PPPP, I got ALL the Scientific Notation questions correct! WOOT!

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