I have been busy, busy. I have neglected my words and my friends this week. I, again, apologize.

Last week I had to miss class on Tuesday because my dipwad of a sister made an appointment for her son at the EXACT time I had to be sitting in class. Shawn wasn’t able to be home, either, so I was kinda up a creek. Oh well. I will and did survive even with Holdyn home from school that day also.

Snow. I LOVE the snow, but (insert barfing emoticon here). I am DONE. FINISHED. No more please. I am about to package some up and send it to my AWESOME friends in Florida. Love you guys! We have/had 6-8 foot snow piles all throughout our backyard, front yard, porch and driveway. I don’t think we could handle much more until some of it melts.

Hopefully Puxnutony Phil wasn’t lying through his bucked teeth when he said Spring was on its way.

OK. now that the weather rant is over, I will get back to school. In class on Thursday I got to class and got to work on my fractions once again. I mastered addition (like and unlike), subtraction (also like and unlike), and simple multiplication of fractions. I took a test to see where I stood in the math department before our 3 weeks break (starts on Thursday) and come to find out, I am ready to take the test.

My math skills went from non-existent to over an 11th grade level just by mastering fractions. I still suck at Algebra and Geometry (according to the TABE test I took), but just by relearning fractions I am all good!

Needless to say, we are now rushing through all the other required formalities to take my test in April. Due to class being closed for 3 weeks, it is going to be a rush to get in all the stuff I need to finish up before I take the test (WorkKey stuff, etc…).

I have class tomorrow. My last class for 3 weeks. I plan on studying NON STOP until I get back to class, so I don’t forget any of my newfound knowledge.

Wish me luck! Now time to go play Zumba for Kinect. That is kicking my ass worse than those damned fractions!

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