I’m not as dumb at math as I once thought…

I have always believed myself to be arithmetic stupid. I have to count on my fingers (toes, any object available) to get an answer. I have mastered estimation. That is what I usually end up doing when I am at the grocery store, just to avoid actually doing math.

I found out today in class that I am not as dumb as I once thought! I CAN do math (not well, but it is doable).

Fractions are my arch nemesis yet a BFF to me in the kitchen. It is funny how stuff like that works. I get all jumbled and sweaty when I see them on paper, but if you give me a measuring cup/spoon and tell me to measure out 3 times the recipe, I am a master. I kick that recipes ass. NOW, if you put it on paper, I will run screaming, making one think I was being chased by a serial killer.

Today I found out that I CAN beat that foe of mine. I put that fear 6 feet under. I can now (efficiently) add and subtract AND change fractions into simplified terms without wanting to gauge my eyeballs out. I think my brain cells are slowly growing out of their allergy to a number.

Ask me again after I pass the official test, and I will probably revert back to cowering at the sight of 2 numbers with a line in between them.

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