Who did I piss off?

OK. My younger sister was supposed to watch my kids for my 2 test days. Thanks to her stupid manager and some whacked out luck (HA!) I had to find alternative childcare for the boys. I only needed help for Tuesday.

I tried calling hourly care 5 DAYS in advance to set up for the 2 little ones and, OF COURSE, they had times for one and not the other. UGH!

I asked a new friend of mine whose husband is in the same unit as my husband and SHE SAID YES! WOOT! Tuesday was covered and nothing else was to go wrong. That is the most ironic thing I have said. What a hoot I am. Something ALWAYS goes wrong. That is how things roll with me. I should NEVER be so freaking optimistic.

On MONDAY my sister tells me that her boss now needs her to work on WEDNESDAY as well. WTF! I did NOT have cildcare for Wednesday until 8pm last night. We are covered.

Yesterday morning I am putting Holdyn in his seat and notice my van door wouldn’t open. MY BATTERY WAS DEAD! I had to blow $40 to get them dropped off and to the test. NOT HAPPY.

What education god did I piss off in a past life? I don’t know, but I do know that nothing has gone wrong YET this morning.

I am heading out in about 10 minutes to get to my test. Wish me luck that I don’t get into an accident or something on the way. That would be the icing and I don’t like icing.

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Thanks to my late night pep talk

I am ready. I am ready to finish something. I am ready to take this test and call it my own. I am ready and nothing is going to stop me now.

Once I have the test behind me, I will own college. I will own my own life soon and it scares the crap out of me!

I have always been known as a high school drop-out. I know that will never go away, but I am finally doing something about it. My kids will know what I have done to further my education, and HOPEFULLY, not do the same stuff I have done, seeing how hard it has been for me.

Thanks Michelle for the pep talk last night. I needed it!

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And it all boils down to tomorrow

My test is in 12.5 hours. I am not only scares shitless, but I am excited beyond all belief. I can’t wait to tell people that I am a “graduate” of something.

I will keep everyone posted. Once I get my GED, I will be looking into college courses.

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Quick update

I finished up the practice test yesterday and after adding everything up my overall score was 3055 (805 OVER what is needed to pass) and the average for each section was 610!

I am SO FREAKING proud of myself. I actually did BETTER in Math than I did in the language section for some REALLY odd reason. I have NO idea how I did it, but I did and it makes me open my eyes to the idea of Math a little more.

I have studying up on Geometry and Algebra and it really isn’t that hard. I actually have to use my brain cells and I like doing that. Even know I will ALWAYS hate that there is only one right answer, I enjoy trying to figure out that answer.

The test is April 6th and 7th. I am SO nervous, yet BEYOND excited to finally get this behind me and say I am a graduate of SOMETHING. I will be the first of my sisters to wear a cap and gown (there is a ceremony in June!).

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*Sniff* I am so proud!

The last 2 classes (last Thursday and today) I have been working on the Official Practice Test that is required before I can take the Official Test in April. I got to choose in what order I wanted to test in (I THINK I can do that on the official tests also, but I don’t know).

Today I started off with the Social Studies. I am a History buff, so I knew I would do really well on this one. Out of 23 questions, I missed only 1. My score was 690 or 700. I can’t recall right this minute and I didn’t write it down.

Thursday I took the Reading Comprehension and Science portions. Each one had 25 and 23 questions, respectively. I completely aced the RC section, so my score was 800. I only missed 2 on the Science portion so my score was 590.

I also took the Math section just to get it over with and see what I had to brush up on more before the big day. I wanted a little longer to get it all figured out. After taking the test she scored it. I missed 6 questions out of 25. That is almost perfection for me! My score on that was 600! I was shocked, to say the least!

How the official test is graded is weird. You have to get at LEAST 410 on each section, but an OVERALL score of at least 2250. SO, you need to score higher on certain areas to get the overall score up to the 2250.

With the practice scores, the teacher thinks I am going to nail the GED test. I can’t wait to find out!

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I love them, but they are horrible!

I love my kids. I love my kids. I LOVE my kids.

I should be studying because I have class on Tuesday and a pretty big test (the Official Practice Test) that I HAVE to pass if I want to take the Big One in April. Am I studying right now? Nope. I am chasing my kids off of ruck sacks and ripping dirty peanut butter paws off my computer. I am waiting for my Chinese because, once again, my husband’s unit is incompetent and precious time I could have been studying and cooking dinner was lost.

At least they are entertaining themselves and the 6 yer old actually cleaned without a fight. Good times.

I have a headache (probably not a good idea to eat MSG), but it is almost bedtime, so I am not going to fret.

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“My most memorable day”

I had to write an essay today for the practice test. I had 45 minutes to draft and write it. It took me all of 20 minutes.

The topic was “What is your most memorable day and the events explaining why”.

Anyone who has known me longer than 5 minutes knows what my most memorable day is. Even though it is a somewhat touchy subject for me, I decided to give it my all and tell Logan’s story of his last day. My pen didn’t stop until I was done. I then let out a little tiny cry (I didn’t want to show my hurt and sadness in a room full of strangers) and got on with my dreaded math section of the test.

After I was done with everything, I brought the test (essay included) up to the teacher and went on working on math exercises.

About 30 minutes before class ended, she came up to me and said “This was one of the best essays I have ever read in my classes. If this was your official essay, I would grade it a 4. Thanks for sharing Logan’s story”. That made me feel so good.

I bombed the Geometry and Algebra sections of the math part (sooooo happy this was only a pre-test and not an official test!), BUT, thanks to my girls on FaceBook/PPPP, I got ALL the Scientific Notation questions correct! WOOT!

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